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We all know the person who always googles the topic just when the discussion got interesting.

Our exciting guesses and assumptions are brushed aside in seconds by information and boring facts.

But what might be a conversation killer at parties can be just what you need in your professional setting.

Here, nothing is interesting about not knowing where missing assets have gone, how shipments were damaged, or what happened to that rental machine that was returned from an invoicing period in a bad condition.

Here are three ways data visualization skips a discussion – in a good way.

It's right there

To skip the discussion of where your machine has gone, or how far the shipment has reached the obvious thing to expect from your data-tracking software is a map.

Most tracking hardware will track its position based on GPS or cell tower triangulation data. This data will be visualized on the maps, you are familiar with on a computer or mobile.

The software will offer a location or an address with a defined perimeter in which to search for your lost asset. Satellite images will identify typical places stolen assets could be stored. 

Great data software will also include geofence map features that enable you to get a quick overview of your assets within a specified area on your maps.


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The highs and lows of the data graph

To skip the discussion of how your shipment or freight was damaged, the answer is evident when data is visualized in graphs.

The hardware will track relevant parameters you care about. This could be the impacts a shipment endures or maybe high precision humidity and temperature levels.

In the software, you will find all the highs and lows of your data. All incidents can be identified easily with precise data and measurements at hand.

Great data software will also include the time of the incidents and locations which is perfect for damage disputes.

An answer without lifting a finger

To skip the discussion of how much your rental machines were really used during the invoicing period, you do not even need to log in to the software.

The hardware will monitor the usage of your asset in question on parameters like tracking motion, vibration, or calculating distance traveled.

This data will be analyzed in the software, where you can subscribe to PDF reports based on the data type and the eventual use of the information in whatever intervals are relevant to you.

Great software will allow you to specify these reports for use in concrete use cases. One such is the example above.

In that case, you can get the answer to the usage of your assets in a data report that is automatically designed to be so precise it can be sent for invoicing directly to your financial department.

Bonus: Data can give you the answer before you know the question.

A final mention in this brief walkthrough of how data can skip discussions with cold facts goes to the automatic alarm notifications from the data software.

The data tracking hardware is always on. And if incidents occur that you have specified as time-sensitive, a trigger will force the hardware to transmit this data immediately.

In the software, this data will be pushed in emails or text messages to your phone automatically.

In this way, you will get answers to relevant questions and incidents you didn’t even know about.

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Skip your discussions about where, how, and when by using information and facts from a data-tracking solution.

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Data from your assets is easily accessible in data-tracking software if you know where to look.

Access it on maps, graphs and data reports to save both time and money.

Data can even give you a solution before there is a problem by notifying you about incidents as they happen.