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Simplify data tracking with Trusted: High-value insights made easy

Imagine sitting down at a restaurant for dinner.

The waiter comes to your table and takes your order.


Instead of passing it on to the kitchen, you are asked detailed questions about how your meal should be cooked.

Eventually, you find yourself hungry but nothing is ordered before you define irrelevant details like the desired length of your french fries and the crispness of the lettuce in your salad.


Complexity can hold back progress 

Most professionals would love to embrace new innovative solutions to familiar challenges in their industry.

But like the example in the restaurant, we need solutions for our projects now.

A lengthy research and implementation process rarely suits our schedules.

And overly technical details and complicated industry jargon quickly cool our interest.  

It is an uncomfortable truth. But complexity scares people away from innovation. 

And then you are back to transporting sensitive freight worth thousands across the world on trust and crossed fingers.

Or you are once again surprised that the next service check for your attachment equipment is already... wait, last month!? 


Cutting to the chase. Keeping the quality  

We have turned the process of implementing new innovative solutions on its head.

As experts, we know all about data tracking and the complexities behind the data-driven insights our customers require.

So let us deal with those.

All you need to do is to tell us:

  • what kind of compliance data do you need for your transports? Impacts? Humidity levels? Locations? More?
  • when you get data on running hours for your hydraulic attachments, do you need automatic service alarms with it? Weekly reports comparing the usage of your equipment? Etc. 

We cut to the chase and take care of the complexities behind the solution with everything included and quality service from start to finish.

Nothing is rushed. Nothing is skipped.

It is simply high-value, data-driven insights of high quality, but without painstakingly long test periods and complicated implementation phases.


No more unnecessary complexity

We know. It might seem too good to be true.

But this is one of the times when the smartest option is actually the easiest.

Trusted as a Service is our complete package for industry professionals.

There are no costly consultancy services – only a straightforward onboarding process.

It does not take an entire department or team to implement, control, or benefit from our solution.

The installation process is hassle-free. Activate the hardware and mount it on your asset. That's all it takes for your assets to be monitored and tracked. 

Our use cases fall right into the category of solving the everyday challenges of industry professionals in construction or logistics.

Just log in to our online data portal to find all data analytics tools and overviews readily available.

With help sites, help videos, and instructive onboarding e-mails, you will soon be a tracking expert yourself.


Tell me more

Learn what is possible with data tracking from the experts.

Book a meeting to share your business case with us.

If you like the technical details, then learn more by browsing our solutions on trustedglobal.com. Read about running hours on our Utilization page or compliance documentation on our dedicated Logistics page.   

Want to read more later? Get our whitepaper on the Benefits of data tracking by clicking below.


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Optimizing your business with high-value data tracking is easier than you'd think.

Don't worry about the complexities of the technology, but let the experts guide you to the solution that suits you.

With Trusted, you can go from A to B in a straight line and focus on succeeding in your business case without wasting time on a lengthy implementation process.