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The best digital solutions make time-consuming tasks easy and automatic.

In the world of data tracking, a great example of this is the automated data report.

With input from the wireless data tracking devices, the software can automate reports on running hours or mileage traveled across time, or maybe compliance reports based on data such as impact or temperature.

The options are many for professionals in industries like construction or logistics.

Get a look into what is possible with data tracking reports here.

Making data accessible and relevant

“Our aim is always to present the data in an accessible and relevant way”.

These are the words of Anders Ditlevsen, Software Developer and part of the R&D team at Trusted A/S.

He refers to the Trusted Data Portal, where users can create and subscribe to data reports in PDFs that will present data from their tracking devices in various practical ways.

“Monday morning, the system can send you a report on last week’s running hours of your construction tools or machines,” he says.

“Or if you are in logistics, you might want a monthly mileage report on your trailers and vehicles. Or maybe a report on shocks and impacts to prove compliance on your sensitive transports.”

“Set up the report, select your interval, and click subscribe – and you are set,” he says.


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Data reports drive the popularity of data tracking

Robust and wireless data tracking devices are becoming increasingly popular on construction tools and among transport and logistics professionals.

This is easy to understand when you consider the immediate benefits that are available from the data they provide to their users.

The data reports are a great way to present this data to users to make it more readily accessible.

“The amount of data that is available to the average user on the Trusted Data Platform is typically quite large”, Anders Ditlevsen says.

“Our tracking hardware transmits data on a lot of different parameters and over time this adds up.”

To avoid missing useful information or potentially important trends in the data, users can create and subscribe to reports that will offer an easy and user-friendly overview of the data they care about.

“A data report is a super helpful tool to go through big amounts of data, analyze it and set up the essential insights directly for users to view,” Anders Ditlevsen explains.

“It only takes a few clicks to subscribe to a report, and once that is done, you will automatically receive the reports by mail at your desired interval in a practical PDF”.

Maximizing effectiveness

“When we design a new report option, we aim to present data for users in a way that maximizes their effectiveness,” Anders Ditlevsen says.

One such example is the Invoicing overview created as a practical way for invoicing and billing. It is based on the total working hours of assets based on the Trusted Utilization technology.

“In the Invoice overview, users can break down data on usage based on time of use both inside and outside specific periods,” he says.

“Rental companies use this information for easy invoicing of their assets. Some aim to control if rental contracts are being respected, while others send it directly to finance departments.”

Working together with users and partners

Uses of the Trusted Data Portal can access their data in many different ways: in graphs, maps, and lists.

But the growing selection of automated data reports is becoming the reason why many are attracted to the data tracking solution.

“We create many new reports based on input directly from our customers or great partners. It is a work in progress and we aim to make more intelligent reports in the future.” Anders Ditlevsen says.

This sort of cooperation and creativity with data is something that Trusted as a company wants to characterize our business.

And for Anders Ditlevsen, this is also a highlight of any workweek.

“Working together with users and partners to design digital solutions that solve concrete everyday issues is one of the most awarding aspects of our jobs,” he concludes.

Tell me more about data reports on my tracking data

Contact our tracking experts to learn more about what is possible with automated data reports.

If you have suggestions or feedback on our current options, stay in touch with Trusted or your local dealer, and let us know about your tracking needs.

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Data tracking software lets you create and subscribe to automated data reports.

Reports can be downloaded or delivered in PDFs by mail to give you updates and overview of the data you care about.

Developers work together with users and partners to create the most effective and relevant reports possible.