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Consider for a minute the complexity of setting up a modern wind turbine.

Sensitive and odd-sized components and machinery need to be shipped not only between continents but also to remote locations for installation.

Wind turbines are just one example of the great level of expertise and special care needed for transporting break bulk cargo.

But whether due to human or mechanical faults, incidents can happen.

And while they might not even be noticed in the moment, the consequences will be the source of much frustration at the end destination.

Detect damage immediately with an IoT impact recorder

When shipping highly advanced and expensive break bulk cargo, there is no room for error.

This is why our customers use our IoT data recorders to track and log data on impact during shipping.

This is not only to prove compliance that freight was handled without incidents. It is also to react immediately if incidents do occur.

And this was exactly what happened to a client a few months ago.

A shipment containing a highly advanced gearbox was due to be shipped between Northern Europe and East Asia.

But already at its first port, an alarm ticked in from the Trusted Data Portal:

An impact had been detected.


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Making the best of a bad situation

In order for an alarm to be triggered, the data recorder must have experienced an impact above a certain level configured by the user.

The alarm will include both the time and GPS position of the incident, along with the direction and force of the impact. 

For our client, this data flagged the shipment as potentially damaged.

An undesirable situation, yes, but now they at least had the opportunity to make the best of a bad situation.

If possible, they could request to hold the shipment at the next port for inspection.

This would save the trouble of sending freight they knew could be damaged across the globe, only to establish the fact at the end destination.

Another opportunity was to order replacement units immediately.

This would save time and limit the delays to the project or the customer waiting for the delivery.

Data gives you overview, security, and concrete insights

Even if this incident was very unfortunate for our client, the data from the IoT impact recorder made the whole situation less critical.

With a complete data set on the time, position, and force of the impact, they can now contact the handler in question and easily settle the insurance case.

If a replacement unit is needed, they save more than a month of time by knowing about the damage now and sending a replacement immediately.

All in all, data gives them the overview, security, and concrete insights from their transport saving them time and money in the process.

Learn more about IoT data recorders

IoT data recorders from Trusted are wireless and robust devices made for industrial settings.

They are used in logistics as impact recorders as mentioned in this article. They will log all data and offer compliance reports on handling, wherever shipments travel.

Our range of hardware also includes the RHTP data recorder for operations where relative humidity and temperature is mission critical.

Browse hardware and our solutions for logistics and transport in the menu.

Or click below for a whitepaper on 5 popular use cases of IoT data recorders in transport.

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Tracking sensitive freight during transport gives you data on any incidents that might occur.

When one of our clients experienced data on excessive impact to one of their transports, the data gave them overview, security and concrete evidence.

This made it possible to make the best of a bad situation and react immediately to save time and money.