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It is always important to have top quality in your transport service and supply chain. 

But when you manufacture and transport pharmaceutical products that patients worldwide need to improve their quality of life, your supply chain needs extremely strict requirements to meet compliance.

To ensure this quality, one of our customers tested their supply chain with the Trusted A/S IoT data tracking solution.

Damaged shipments

The test was carried out following a few issues with damaged shipments to certain countries with no possibility of knowing where and when the damage happened.

Following these events, the quality assurance team decided to carry out a comprehensive quality test.

They wanted to examine the durability of the equipment, such as packaging, boxes, and pallets, and compare it with the maximum levels of impact experienced in the supply chain.

For this, they needed an advanced data logger to offer precise data measurements.


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Comprehensive supply chain test with Trusted IoT data loggers 

They quickly realized that Trusted A/S had the ideal solution for their purpose.

“We chose to work with Trusted because of their advanced built-in sensors and the possibility of getting data along the route and not only at arrival like most data loggers,” the engineer who was assigned the task explains.

The first step of the test took place in a laboratory setting. The transport simulation used for the test was generated by International Safe Transit Association, ISTA 4AB Project.

The main purpose was to examine how big impacts the transportation pallets were able to endure according to the ISTA 4AB test.

The Trusted data loggers were used to collect data on position, shock, acceleration, and tilt during drops, inclination, and vibration simulations, where the pallets were exposed to shocks of 4 g and 6 g.

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From laboratory simulations to the real-world supply chain

One thing is laboratory simulations. But another thing entirely is the actual impacts in the real world.

So, the second step of the test was long-distance transportation of several shipments all fitted with Trusted tracking units.

The pallets were shipped with various means of transport, such as container shipping, trucks, and airplane to get the most reliable results.

The engineer on the project continues: 

“We got exactly the data we needed for the test and were able to compare the laboratory tests with data from the real-life shipments.”

The real-life shipments showed them that the impacts most often occurred during manual handling and loading of trucks in warehouses or from one means of transport to another.

They were also able to see the exact number of drops that the pallets were exposed to during the transportation.

“The data we got from these tests was highly valuable for our team.”

Put your supply chain to the test

There is little room for error when it comes to the transportation of medicine important to people worldwide. 

But the same level of quality is required when transporting highly advanced and sensitive equipment. 

Both pharmaceutical companies but also producers of for example wind turbines and advanced clean energy technology could find great value by tracking their supply chains with IoT data tracking.

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Many companies have very strict requirements to supply chain compliance.

One of our customers used the Trusted IoT data tracking solution to ensure the quality of their supply chain.

Laboratory simulations and real-life tests resulted in highly valuable data to the quality assurance team.