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Fight truck theft with wireless data tracking

If you haven’t tried it yourself, chances are you know someone who has – especially if you are based in North America.

We are talking about the rising issue of theft in transport and trucking.

Cargo theft is way up from just a year ago. Recorded events are around 582 for just the second quarter of 2023. This is in the US and Canada alone. That’s a 57% increase compared to the same quarter in 2022. [1]

And it is not just cargo, also the number of stolen trailers and trucks is up.

The data is clear, and on social media platforms, truckers and transport professionals are venting their frustrations.


Searching for solutions

There is no quick fix to eliminate the risk of theft.

Criminals are professional and organized, and since many industry professionals in transport operate without theft protection measures, the risk of detection is low. [2]

This is an uncomfortable and desperate situation for the industry, and the search for potential solutions has hit many dead ends.

Tracking has for some been a go-to measure. However, the use has been limited to wired tracking devices which has not changed the picture.

Criminals are experts in their field, and they know where to look for wired tracking options. 

But in recent years, tracking options have expanded. The introduction of wireless data trackers – which are robust, multi-sensor, and undetectable to criminals – is making transport professionals stop and take notice.


A proven track record in theft protection and recovery

The use of wireless data trackers is already widespread in the transport and logistics sector. Here they are widely used for fleet management or compliance monitoring of impacts, handling, and humidity to sensitive and high-end cargo during transport.

However, the technology has a proven track record in theft protection and recovery as well.

"With tens of thousands of data trackers in operation in the construction industry, our clients and partners report countless instances of stolen assets being returned to their rightful owners," Partner Manager in Trusted A/S, Jan Christensen, says.

He highlights how Trusted trackers are easy to hide and almost impossible for criminals to find – even with the use of scanners.

With both GPS and network triangulation, position data from the tracker will lead owners or authorities directly to their assets.

"The robustness of the hardware also enables them to withstand all weather conditions on assets like transport trailers – and this enables protection of even more assets", he says. 

This fact is especially relevant, as it has been recorded that theft of entire vehicles or trailers has risen year-to-year by 17% in North America. [3]


A reason to be hopeful

Even though wireless data trackers are a simple and affordable solution for individuals and companies, it could take time before it is embraced by the industry to a degree that breaks the curve in the number of theft cases.

But the proven potential as a tool for anti-theft and recovery is a reason to be hopeful for the industry.

With the main use case centered around position data from undetected trackers on stolen assets, many are able to get back what was stolen in a typically very undramatic fashion. 

"Our experience shows us that stolen assets are often left in remote areas to 'cool off'," Jan Christensen says, "which enables the owner, the authorities, or a private security company to simply go to the position of the device and pick up what was taken."

Other sensors in the data tracker also feature in successful use cases:

Placed in a sealed trailer a tracker will use its light sensor to detect if doors have been opened and cargo stolen.

Installed on a pallet or placed in a dummy package in your cargo, a tracker can use its tilt sensor to read suspect tilting levels when tampering with cargo takes place.

"In all these cases, the wireless data tracker can be configured to transmit data immediately which will trigger an alarm at the user," Jan Christensen adds.


Explore the potential of wireless data trackers

The criminals have had the upper hand for too long, but the potential of wireless data trackers could be the solution for many professionals in transport and trucking.

Read more about data trackers, their hardware features, and software options by exploring the top menu on trustedglobal.com.

Or speak to a tracking expert directly, to get input on exactly your use case.

Partner Manager at Trusted A/S, Jan Christensen, can be booked by selecting an available time slot here or contacted by mail at jmc@trustedglobal.com

Sales Manager Kasper Hansen has many American contacts and is available for online meetings as well. Contact him by mail at ksh@trustedglobal.com



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Theft in transport and trucking is rising rapidly year by year – especially in North America.

Criminals are professional and organized which makes it hard for individual truckers and companies to fight the problem. 

With their proven track record in anti-theft and recovery operations, wireless data trackers are an effective tool to fight the challenge of theft.