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Police in bullet-proof vests. A large recovery operation against illegal workshops.

It was something out of a Friday night crime show when machines were recovered by police on an otherwise normal workday some months ago.

And at the center of it all?

A Trusted tracking device doing its job for a customer who effectively used its three-punch crime-fighting design.


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Stolen machines found with GPS fix from tracking device

The story began when a customer discovered that three heavy equipment machines had been stolen from a worksite.

Fortunately, one of these machines was protected with the Trusted tracking solution.

The device mounted to this stolen machine was quickly put into “theft mode” by our supplier, and it duly increased its rate of transmission to provide a GPS trace of its location.

The trace revealed that the machine had crossed the border. But working with local police, our supplier quickly was able to guide authorities to the location of the tracking device.


Well-hidden, but never gone

As this was not Hollywood, all the machines were not found immediately after arrival at the site.

However, the Trusted tracking solution not only excels by being durable enough to work when attached to machines in the construction industry.

It can also be located based on no fewer than three different location technologies: GPS fix, cell tower triangulation, and radio beacon technology. 

And with the latter, you can pinpoint the location of even extremely well-hidden objects where GPS data must give up, based on a radio signal while using a Marshall scanner.

After a thorough search, it was possible to locate further stolen goods at the facility including machines hidden in a container covered by stacks of car tires.


Online location history made things escalate quickly

An already big recovery operation turned into a major one, thanks to the map location trace in the Trusted tracking solution.

The trace revealed that – before arriving at the place it was recovered – the tracking device had been to another facility. 

Supported by local police in bullet-proof vests, investigators were able to confront the thieves on this location as well and recover yet another number of stolen machines and equipment.

At the end of the day, machines of a total worth of more than €500.000 were recovered before thieves could strip them of recognizable characteristics and sell them on.

And it was all thanks to the great work from our suppliers and the police – based on the data from the Trusted tracking device.


No chance for the thieves with an effective tracking solution

At Trusted A/S, we never get tired of these stories.

The Trusted tracking solution is in operation all across the world – from the craftsman’s van to luxury cars, and mounted onto expensive equipment and essential machinery.

Protect your business today with a Trusted tracking solution.

Read more in our section on Theft protection and recovery.


The theft solution that recovered €500.000 also works for you

  • Effective and discrete theft prevention.
  • Small-frame tracker easily hidden anywhere.
  • Battery-powered – protects powered and non-powered assets.
  • Exact GPS position, including data logging features.
  • Cell-tower triangulation and radio beacon technology.
  • Alarm feature: alerts you if assets leave geo zones or move around outside user-specific hours.


How to use IoT data tracking in the construction industry


A machine from one of our customers was stolen but location data revealed its position.

Even though it was hidden from sight, it was recovered thanks to the position technology of the tracking device.

Police used the tracking data to identify the position of other thieves to recover other stolen machines worth half a million euros in total.