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To say that Christian Dolberg, 45, is a bike enthusiast is almost an understatement.

Most people take the bike to and from work, while a few of us might have one or two longer rides in our locker. However, Christian is the kind of cyclist who often rides his bike between cities across the country from his home in Denmark.

This year, however, he gave himself an ultimate challenge.

On a bike, he planned to go from the North Cape in Norway – arguably the northernmost point on the European mainland – all the way to his summer house in Djursland, Denmark.

That is a trip of more than 2.000 kilometers.


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A Trusted companion on the bike

With him on the trip, Christian brought a tracker from Trusted A/S, discretely attached to the back of his bike.

Notice the square box with the white label near the center of the back wheel

Just like Christian, the advanced tracker and data logger does not shy away from performing to the highest standards during the rough conditions that one encounters on a long bike ride.

And sure enough, immediately as Christian started rolling south from the North Cape, the device logged that it was in motion.

This report sets July 2, 16:13:49 as the exact time when the long way home began.

IoT tracking means you can follow the data online

Before traveling to Norway, Christian had configured his tracker’s GPS function to create a public link. This provided his loved ones with a source from which they could check the progress of the ride.

Three times a day, the tracker sent reports to the Trusted servers providing family and friends with the location of the tracker in logged 10-minute intervals.

These data now show us his exact route home.

The completed route from the North Cape, Norway, to Djursland, Denmark.


Temperature and weather conditions

While heatwaves swept most of Europe this July, the start of Christian’s journey was not exactly suited for lycra shirts and cycling shorts.

The Trusted tracker logged a chilling temperature of about 8 degrees Celsius on departure from northern Norway.

Staying below 10 for the first couple of days, it mercifully rose to above 20 degrees as he was nearing his destination back in Denmark.

The temperature for the duration of the trip

Even though the tracker was placed in a somewhat exposed position on the bike, the solid design meant that rain, road bumps, wind, and the cold were all brushed aside during the long journey.

This came in handy as weather conditions often tested the resilience of both Christian and the tracker. An example of such a test was at the end of day two:

“200 kilometers have gone. The last 30 in rain and with temperatures at 5 degrees. Now a shower and a real bed with a duvet. This will be good.” Christian wrote in his journal on July 3.

Finally back home – with impressive data

On July 12, at 13:58:56, the Trusted tracker on Christian’s bike logged a stop of motion at his destination in Denmark. He was finally back.

Christian was greeted back home by Danish flags and a sign saying “Welcome Home”

While we are guessing there wasn’t room for many souvenirs on his bike, Christian did bring a lot of memories and stories from his trip.

This is also the case for his faithful travel companion, the Trusted tracker.

Looking at the data from the tracker, the route from the North Cape to Djursland spanned over 2269 kilometers. We also see that it only took Christian an impressive 9 days and 22 hours to cover this distance.

Even more impressively, the tracker reports having been in motion for a total of 120 hours and 39 minutes from departure to arrival. That amounts to more than 12 hours on the bike for Christian per day.

“Many experiences richer and a lovely welcome home today,” Christian writes on his arrival, before finishing his updates by writing: “My thighs have grown a bit; a fully loaded bike weighs 32 kilos, which is a little heavy when you ride up the steep hills. All in all a great trip. I’m ready again in a few days”.

Thank you!

At Trusted, we would like to thank Christian for letting us track his journey. We congratulate him on his impressive ride and wish him a great summer!


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Friend of Trusted A/S rode his bike from the North Cape to Denmark with a Trusted tracker at the back wheel.

The robust tracker effortlessly endured road bumps, wind and plenty of rain.

The article analyses the data on positions from the epic ride.