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Hyrsam is a Swedish company that rents out machines and vehicles in Öjebyn, Norrbotten. 

They were searching for a solution that could help them with the following classic challenges of the rental sector:

  • Manage rentals quickly and accurately
  • Ensure correct invoicing

Furthermore, to make sense for their business, any solution needed to be plug and play with low installation costs.


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Full rental business visibility with tracking

Their research led them to trustedglobal.com, where they found that Trusted’s tracker was an excellent answer to these challenges.

The Trusted rental tracking solution has since helped them to create visibility by giving them a full overview of the location of their machines and equipment. 

Also, the utilization feature has revealed the actual running hours of their assets and machines. This provided the company with documentation of unauthorized usage of their rented machines.

As one could imagine, this knowledge has opened new opportunities to generate revenue.


Advantages of a battery-powered tracking solution

Besides the position and data tracking features, Trusted’s tracking devices were top of Hyrsam’s list because the devices are wireless. 

Offering a long battery life, the trackers were easy to install and easy to move between equipment if needed.

The investment has even been smaller than the traditional wired tracking solutions.

As a result, Hyrsam has implemented Trusted tracking devices on all their various equipment like trailers, compressors, loaders, and mini machines such as muck trucks.

Other businesses might also find tracking smaller assets such as conveyor belts, lasers, and expensive specialist tools very profitable.


How to use IoT data tracking in the construction industry


Rental company wanted to solve some of the classic challenges of the rental sector.

The wireless tracking solution from Trusted A/S was easy to implement and quickly provided benefits.

Improved visibility of machines and equipment and data on running hours has offered great value to the business.