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Fårup Beton is a Danish company that develops, produces, and delivers concrete products for the construction industry.

Before contacting Trusted, the company had recently invested in trailers for the transportation of concrete elements to construction sites.

They were now looking for a solution to manage and improve the daily visibility of these trailers loaded with concrete products for their customers.


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Effective management of new trailers

The main wish was to optimize the business flow by ensuring that trailers were empty in as brief periods of time as possible and did not go idle or missing.

In addition, as the company employed hired drivers, they were looking for a solution to ensure that trailers were only used for the concrete elements from Fårup Beton and not those of their competitors.

After installation, they quickly found that the insights from the data offered the perfect solution to provide them with a daily overview to improve their logistics flow.

Location data on online maps created a superior overview

Logging in to the Trusted data portal, they could now see the location of their trailers. In this way, managers could use the fleet more effectively by seeing which trailers were in use and which were idle

In this way, deliveries could be kept timely and the company could minimize unnecessary storage of new concrete elements.

Optimize fleet management


The solution came with an added bonus.

As the field area at the headquarters in Fårup is 4,5 acres, it turned out very beneficial for the company to know exactly where the drivers should pick up the trailers.

And because Fårup Beton has a lot of trailers, the daily overview secured in cooperation with Trusted has created both insights and great value to the company.


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Manufacturer of concrete elements invested in new trailers. 

By installing wireless tracking devices on their new fleet, they now manage them more effectively. 

Data on position gives a superior overview that improves day-to-day fleet management.