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In the early 2000s, most pictures were taken with digital cameras. 

This quickly changed when smartphones started to become more available.

This happened even though the quality of pictures in the early editions of smartphones was far worse than what people were used to from digital cameras. But then why did people prefer the smartphone?

The simple explanation? Availability.

While people's digital cameras sat on the shelf at home, their phones were always in their pockets ready for use.


A data tracking solution at your disposal

The lesson of this anecdote is that the best tool is always the one that is available to you when you need it.

For data tracking to be truly transformative for businesses, it should not be restricted to desktop computers in an office.

Data, insights, and management tools should be available where people work – in the field, on the road, inside or outside.

Trusted has built an app for that. A data app built from the top down for you to make good use of your data.  

But it doesn't just present users with their data in graphs and lists. It uses the phone's features such as camera, GPS, and Bluetooth connection to offer entirely new workflows that could make your work much easier.  


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Three major use cases

Three features of the Trusted Data app have us excited in particular.

For some users, these will become invaluable tools that will make you go: "How did I live without this before"?

  • Download data to your phone with Bluetooth

The catalog of Trusted data trackers includes the BLE edition which features Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

This means you can connect to your devices with the Data app and download all logged data to the phone. The app will hold on to the data and transmit it online using its network connection.

This means that you now do not need to wait for devices to transmit to view data. You are also no longer dependent on whether your devices have network coverage where you place them to get data because you can connect and get  data regardless of this.

This is quite a game changer as it enables tracking of assets in enclosed areas or very remote places without data coverage such as the sea, in flight, or underground.

  • Get directions directly to the location of your asset

The app will give you an overview of the location of your assets. Click an asset and you will see exactly how far it is from you.

By simply clicking a "go-to" button, the app will engage your phone's navigational system and you will be guided step by step exactly to this location.

Use it to quickly go to the latest reported position of lost, misplaced, or stolen assets.

  • Scan devices to update location data and information

Using the camera, you can scan the label of a tracking device. This is particularly useful in two ways.

The first is when you mount devices to your assets. The scan will open up the individual online webpage of that particular device where you can easily give it a name, write a note, or save a picture of your installation for later reference.

The other way to use this is the fact that any scan will automatically generate a GPS position lock to the device from the phone's GPS location.

This updates the position of the device to where the scan took place, which means you can log the location of a device by simply using your phone.


Making data tracking available for everyone, anywhere

Returning to our story at the beginning of the article, we might say that a data-tracking solution can risk suffering the same fate as the digital camera:

The product is great in itself, but if it's not available when you need it, you are no better off. 

However, with the introduction of data apps, the advantages of data tracking are made available for businesses wherever they operate and work.

The app offers people new tools to get things done and puts these tools on people's phones which are with them at all times.

In this way, more businesses can experience how data tracking will change how they prioritize and operate because of the insights – such as running hours, locations, and conditions of assets – it makes available for users.

Insights you can take with you in your pocket, wherever you go.

The benefits of IoT data recording – A whitepaper


With dedicated data apps, a tracking solution becomes a useful tool in the field where most work in industry is done. 

By making use of the possibilities of the smartphone at hand at most times, new tools become available and new opportunities arise. 

The article explores three uses of data tracking apps that each offer new benefits to people in industry.