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B&W Vølund is the manufacturer and operator of renewable energy plants.

In a project, they found themselves needing to know exactly where their cargo was and when it would arrive at the final location.

The search for supply chain visibility led them to the Trusted IoT tracking solution – a smart choice as their investment quickly resulted in one instant value for money experience.


IoT data tracking offers new insights into sensitive freight

With the Trusted IoT data tracking solution, B&W Vølund analyzed data directly from their sensitive cargo online on the Trusted data portal.

Special attention was on the shock data and whether assets had been exposed to potential drops during transport and shipment.

But also the tracking of position was important in order to follow the status of the valuable cargo and react quickly if deliveries were stuck in transit.

Along with these new daily insights from tracking their supply chain, B&W Vølund quickly received a clear value for money experience.

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Excessive shock values during unloading of cargo

In connection with transit at a port in China, a trigger in one of the IoT devices was set off. The data from the ensuing data transmission revealed that the device had been exposed to excessive shock values.

A message from the Trusted Data Portal ticked in by phone and email, notifying managers of an impact at 5,5 g – much higher than the user-specified limit.

Ready for inspection online, the data was clear:


Logged data on shock levels, as displayed in the graph seen above, indicated that the cargo had been handled with caution until it reached the port. Here the container received an impact of 5,5 g indicating a drop.

As illustrated in the satellite photo, the tracker device also revealed the exact GPS position at the time of impact along with shock values.

All this data put together pointed to the fact that the incident happened during the off-loading from the ship at the dockside.

Tracking insights with great value

All in all, the cooperation with Trusted provided insights of great value for B&W Vølund:

  • It enabled them to show compliance for potential damages on every transport monitored by the IoT data recorders
  • It helped them in the insurance case regarding the incident with the dropped shipment.
  • They could quickly determine the location of their cargo and provide clear information as to when these shipments reached the customer throughout the project.


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To ensure compliance and visibility on a project, B&W Vølund used IoT tracking in their supply chain. 

IoT data tracking revealed useful data on position and shock levels.

In one incident, a drop was discovered and exact shock levels and GPS position was reported.